• 11/28/15 | 17:15 | ALLENTOWN | BOX 2532 | HOUSE FIRE | 312 N. JEFFERSON ST | 2 L/S/O

City of Bethlehem

3rd Alarm: One civilian rescued 40 others displaced by apartment fire on Irene Street

November 28, 2015 at 6:51PM

Bethlehem 9-1-1 transmitted the box at 01:41 for 1551 Irene Street Apartment 308 for a reported bedroom fire sending Engines 5, 6, Ladder 2 and Medics 2 & 5. Responding units are advised of possible people trapped.

Engine 5 arrives at 01:44 and signals a working fire with heavy fire showing from side 1 of the 2-story multiple dwelling.

Ladder 2 is placed in-service behind Engine 5 and goes to the roof to cut ventilation holes while Engine 6 brings a water supply for Engine 5.

At 01:51, 406 has the 2nd alarm transmitted for Engine 3 and Ladder 1. At 01:57 Bethlehem 9-1-1 Center has a male caller on the line reporting he is trapped in his 2nd floor apartment in the rear, apartment 317. Shortly after Chief 101 transmits the 3rd alarm.

Firefighters gain access to that apartment to conduct a primary search and find the male. He is removed and rushed to awaiting EMS units.

Multiple hand lines are stretched into the building and with the aggressive attack, the main body of fire was darkened down within 25 minutes after arrival.

Fire extended into the roof area of the building and started running the roof line. Crews cut holes in the roof and interior members ripped down ceilings to gain access and extinguish the fire.

Crews remained on scene well into the morning dousing hot spots and overhauling.

Seven families for a total of 40 people were displaced by this holiday weekend fire. Red Cross is assisting in relocating the residents.

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Northampton County

Chimney fire damages house in Lower Saucon, PA.

November 22, 2015 at 3:45PM

Chimney fire damages house in Lower Saucon, PA.

Lower Saucon and Upper Saucon Fire responded to 1392 University Avenue in Lower Saucon for a chimney fire at 11:25 Sunday morning. Chief 18 arrives and reports an active fire in the chimney and request a F.A.S.T. company on the assignment. At 11:35 Northampton County signals Hellertown station 13 for the F.A.S.T.

The fire in the chimney extended into the attic / roof area of the single family dwelling. Portions of the chimney and roof were damaged. Multiple hand lines were in operation. At 11:42 Upper Saucon companies were recalled. No injuries were reported.

Photos by Mike Nester.

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Lehigh County

Air born SUV nails house on Mauch Chunk Road, occupants flee police before being apprehended

November 22, 2015 at 12:46PM

Air born SUV nails house on Mauch Chunk Road, occupants flee police before being apprehended

Just after midnight Sunday morning, South Whitehall Police radioed in an accident at Mauch Chunk Road and Girard Avenue for a vehicle into house. Lehigh County transmitted a rescue assignment to the intersection. Police engaged in a short foot pursuit when some of the occupants of the vehicle fled on foot from the scene. The occupants exited the SUV and ran through the house and exited the back door of the residence.

After the short pursuit, police radioed that they had two subjects down at gun point and had apprehended them.

Speed appears a factor in the accident. Over 100 feet of skid marks were on the road prior to hitting an embankment and going air born. Police are investigating the accident.

Fire command reported no entrapment and had the balance of the rescue box recalled except for Rescue 11. Mauch Chunk Road remained closed in both directions for the duration of the incident.

Photos by Mike Nester.

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Lehigh County

Response to Penn Crest Apartments ends up being small kitchen fire

November 22, 2015 at 12:24PM

Response to Penn Crest Apartments ends up being small kitchen fire

At 21:31 Saturday night, South Whitehall, Western Salisbury and Whitehall were sent to 1252 Saint Michael Street for a reported apartment building fire. Assistant Chief 32-02 (Search) arrives on location and reports a smoke condition on the second floor of the multiple dwelling.

Engine 32 positions in front of the building and establishes a water supply at a hydrant directly in front of the building. A hand line is stretched to the second floor. Tower Ladder 3 (Cetronia) positions on the "Delta" side of the building and 3 ground ladders are set-up in the rear of the building.

Interior crews meanwhile search for the fire and find a small kitchen fire resulting from burnt food on the stove. Numerous cats were rounded up and safely delivered to their owners waiting outside. Crews checked for extension and ventilated the building.

Whitehall Rescue 8 (LC3641) was the designated F.A.S.T. company but were not used.

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Northampton County

25 homes evacuated after car explodes in Hellertown, PA.

November 16, 2015 at 12:39AM

25 homes evacuated after car explodes in Hellertown, PA.

Around 21:40 Sunday evening, a car exploded in the 1300 block of 1st Avenue rocking the entire neighborhood and beyond. Neighbors say a man crawled from the vehicle and transported by ambulance to an area hospital. His condition is unknown.

The blast blew off the rear trunk of the car along with the doors and windows. Witnesses say the car looked as though it fell from the sky.

The Bethlehem Bomb Squad along with Lehigh County Haz-Mat responded to the scene. Officials are investigating the cause of the blast and the possibilities it was a mobile meth lab. One neighbor said he smelled chemicals right after the blast.

25 homes in the area were evacuated and transported by bus to the fire station.

Photo by Newsworking viewer P. Marzella.

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Whitehall Township

Stabbing in Fullerton sends one to the hospital

November 14, 2015 at 2:34PM

Stabbing in Fullerton sends one to the hospital

Just before 10:00AM Saturday morning, Police and EMS were sent to 122 East Union Street for a stabbing. The 9-1-1 caller said that a male came to her door with a stab wound to the back. When police arrived they found a male with a stab wound at the corner of Broad and East Union. Command requested all available police units to respond for a large group of people.

Catasauqua Police were requested to assist in looking for more suspects roaming in the area. Police picked up a male at Washington and Catasauqua Road and brought him back to the scene that was now at 1133 Broad Street. The police had a language barrier and trouble communicating with the people involved in the incident. Lehigh County 9-1-1 center searched for a translator but couldn't find one.

The aided was transported to an area trauma center. The incident is under investigation.

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