Northampton County

3rd Alarm:  Fire damages a multiple dwelling in Lower Saucon, PA.

February 19, 2015 at 6:04PM

On Thursday afternoon crews from Lower Saucon were dispatched to the 3700 Blk of Old Philadelphia Pk for a structure fire.

First arriving crews encountered heavy fire and a 2nd then 3rd alarm were requested. Numerous lines were placed in service along with a tower ladder after the evacuation order was given.

Crews battled the fire for several hours and more resources were special requested before bringing the fire under control, cold weather hampered some of their efforts and the fire is now under investigation.

Video, Photos and story by correspondent Mike Nester.


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Lehigh County

3rd Alarm: Video and photos from a fully-involved house fire in Salisbury, PA.

December 27, 2014 at 12:45PM

Lehigh County transmitted a box for a reported house fire at 05:11 for 1736 Ritter Street sending Station 20, Fountain Hill Ladder 34 and EMS 73. Chief 20-01 went responding at 05:14 and was advised by dispatch that the fire was located near a wood burning stove and multiple calls were being received so expect a possible working fire on arrival. With that information, the Chief transmitted the 2nd alarm. Moments later, ambulance 73-94 went arriving and reported a working fire on Wistar Street.

Lehigh County transmitted the second alarm at 05:18 for Engines 31-12, 18-12, Ladder 31-31, Rescue 7-41 (F.A.S.T.), Cascade 32, and Re-Hab 66. At this time, all residents are reported out of the house and safe in a neighbors home.

First-due Engine was ordered to bring a water supply in from Broadway and Wistar and then stretch a large hand line from the rear of the engine. With the dwelling fully-involved, a defensive attack mode was commenced from the start as companies stretched their largest hand lines and put deck guns in operation.

Command requested numerous tankers for water supply and confirmed the dwelling was on Wistar Street not Ritter Street.

Electrical lines came down in the street that were attached to the house and hampered the initial attack. 20 Command ordered PPL Utilities to expedite to the scene.

The fire went to three alarms before it was brought under control. All video and photos by Mike Nester. More photos can be viewed by clicking here.

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Northumberland County

Coal Region: Shamokin Firefighters Battle Third Alarm House Fire Monday Morning

August 13, 2014 at 9:39PM

On August 11th at 09:25 the Shamokin Fire Departments and AREA EMS were dispatched to a house fire in Shamokin. The fire was located at 128 South Vine Street of the 5th Ward section of Shamokin.

Shamokin Engine 11 arrive first on the scene is to find a 2-1/2 story duplex with fire in its kitchen. The Shamokin Assistant Fire Chief then quickly had the second alarm dispatched to the scene at 09:34 hours.

Additional fire companies from Mount Carmel Township, Mount Carmel, Kulpmont and Coal Township where then dispatch to the fire. Firefighters used large hose lines and deck guns to attack the fire in a defensive mode. Firefighters enter the home with hose lines to knock down the fire in the rear of the first floor.

The fire made its way into the walls and traveled to the common attic area. The fire quickly jumped to the exposure home on the Delta side and took over the attic. Firefighters enter exposure home with additional hose lines to stop the fire extension.

Shamokin Ladder 32 and Mount Caramel Ladder 2 deployed their ground ladders to the burning building. Firefighters then gained access to the roof to vent the attic area. In minutes the fire vented from the roof and windows of the exposure home.

Firefighters were evacuated and the third alarm was brought to the fire scene. Firefighters use their portable monitors in front of the home in a defensive mode. The fire in the attic was knocked down to allow firefighters to re-enter the two homes.

It took over an hour to properly overhaul and extinguished all the hot spots. The Second and Third alarm fire units were released from the scene after 13:00 hours, but the City units remained on the scene till 15:00 hours.

The fires rekindled on the second floor prior to 18:00 hours and had to be re-extinguished by the firefighters. The fire chief believes the fire started in the kitchen and may have been accidental. The two families have been displaced and are receiving the assistance of the American Red Cross.

Video, photos and story by S. Barrett. Check out his photo gallery of this fire by clicking here.

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Lehigh County

Duplex Heavily Damaged In 3-Alarm Fire In Catasauqua, PA.

July 26, 2014 at 7:21PM


At 10:58 AM Lehigh County dispatched Catasauqua Station 2 and North Catasauqua Engine 18-11 to 725 Crane Street for a house fire. Dispatchers were receiving numerous calls and radio transmissions from other chief officers in the area that heavy smoke was showing in the vicinity.

The police arrived and confirmed the address was well-involved in fire to the rear of the dwelling.

Engine 211 approached from 3rd Street on Chestnut Street while Engine 18-11 approached from 4th Street on Chestnut Street. Both companies brought their own water supply. Three hand lines were stretched from Engine 211 and two hand lines from Engine 18-11.

Chief 2 didn't waste anytime adding two additional engines and a F.A.S.T. company to the box.

Crews worked fast to darken down the bulk of the fire on the exterior of the building while crews made a push on the interior from the front.

One person was unaccounted for on the second floor in the rear but was found outside as the interior crews made a primary search.

The firefighters were taking a beating from the heat of the fire plus the outside temperatures. Command special-called additional two alarms for manpower to replace worn out firefighters. They had a tough time inside as the fire spread within the walls.

Early stages of the investigation point to a possible cigarette that started a propane tank fire attached to a gas grille against the rear of the house. No injuries were reported.

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Northampton County

Fire Damages Home in East Allen Township And Goes To Three Alarms

June 20, 2014 at 3:30PM

At 11:48 hours, Northampton County Fire stations 46 and 45 were sent to Weaversville Road and Bullshead Road for a reported dwelling fire. Multiple callers reported seeing fire from the house.

First arriving companies were confronted with heavy fire venting out of two windows on the second floor of the two-story private dwelling.

The first arriving tanker 4531 positioned on the Weaversville Road side and hit the second floor with their deck gun to darken down some of the fire. Once the fire was darkened down, members from the engine stretched a hand line through the front door and went to the 2nd floor.

Two blitz lines were set-up on side 4 of the dwelling while crews hit the fire from the interior. A second line was stretched to the interior.

Ladder 231 positioned in the front of the house on Bulls Head Road and laddered the roof where two members cut away around the chimney to expose more fire after the bulk of the fire was knocked on the second floor and attic.

The fire damaged two rooms on the second floor and extended into the attic. Five lines were stretched and 4 were operating.

Engines and tankers from Northampton County Stations 46, 45, 47 (F.A.S.T.), 42, 43, 53, 15 and Lehigh County Station 33 were on location. Ladder Companies from 42 (Northampton) and 2 (Catasauqua) were on the scene.

No injuries were reported and everyone was out of the house prior to the fire department arriving.

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Northumberland County

Coal Region: Fire Destroys Former Catholic School In Mount Carmel Township, PA.

June 18, 2014 at 12:44PM

Around 23:15 hours Tuesday, Northumberland and Schuylkill County Fire Departments respond to the former St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School, at the corner of Marion Heights Highway and Melrose Street. The fire destroyed the gym and burned the roof off of the vacant school.

The rear portion of the school, which was mainly a wood structure, was used as the gym and quickly burned to the ground.

Nearby homes were threatened by the embers. The school was vacant for more than 25 years.

WNEP-TV video and story here.

Photos and video by our Coal Region correspondent Stephen Barrett. For the complete photo gallery click here.

Lehigh County


February 13, 2014 at 11:44AM

Salisbury, PA. - Lehigh County Fire Dispatch transmitted the box for 3064 Lanze Lane off of West Rock Road for a house fire Wednesday night at 23:30 hours.

On arrival, command found a 2-story Single Family Dwelling (S/F/D) with heavy smoke pushing and fire in the attached garage and struck the 2nd alarm.

As the first in engine stretched the initial hand line, heavy smoke continued to pour from the dwelling as the company was putting water on the main seat of the fire. Command requested the 3rd alarm struck.

A portable pond was set up at the intersection as Tankers supplied the first due engine. 3 lines were stretched and operating during the duration of the incident.

Crews cut a hole in the roof to help vent the heat and smoke while other members opened up windows and check for extension. Crews remained on the scene a couple of hours mopping up.

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City of Bethlehem


February 09, 2014 at 4:31PM

At 08:30 Sunday morning, Bethlehem transmitted the box for a possible structural fire at 70 E. Broad Street. A call for smoke and a call for the alarm system was received. 3 engines and a ladder were assigned to the box.

Companies found heavy smoke pushing from 68 E. Broad Street and struck the 2nd alarm. Ladder 2 positioned in front of the fire building with Engine 6. Engine members stretched into the fire building and was confronted with heavy fire. With fire extending in the walls between the fire building and exposure 2 (70 E. Broad Street) the 3rd alarm was transmitted.

Crews cut a vent hole in both the original fire building and exposure 2. Companies found heavy fire in the attic of the exposure.

Ladder 1 and Engine 9 positioned in the rear of the building. Engine 9 stretched 2 hand lines while the Ladder Company went to the roof to vent the rear of exposure 2.

As the roof burned off the original building, companies directed multiple streams between it and exposure 4.

All members did a good job keeping the fire from extending into exposure 4 and extinguishing the fire that extended into exposure 2 (another Law Office).

The fire was brought under control by 12:00 PM. Companies remained on the scene checking for hot spots and overhauling well into Sunday afternoon.

Complete photo gallery with over 130 photographs can be viewed by clicking here

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Schuylkill County


November 23, 2013 at 11:30AM

Pottsville, Pa. -Pottsville Fire responded to 217 Schuylkill Avenue for a house fire after 15:30 hours on Friday, November 22. Jason Witmier, assistant fire chief for Pottsville said when companies arrived they had heavy smoke pushing from the front windows and heavy fire blowing out of the rear of 217.

By 17:00 hours, the fire escalated to 3 alarms as the fire was consuming 4 homes, 213, 215, 217 and 219 Schuylkill Avenue. The fire was under control by this time but heavy smoke was still pushing from the homes.

At 18:15 hours, command reported a major collapse of 213 Schuylkill Avenue. By 19:00, companies were being released.

4 homes were damaged, 10 people displaced and 4 injuries, including one firefighter.

Video and photos by our Coal Region correspondent Stephen Barrett.

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Berks County


November 09, 2013 at 3:08PM

At 00:09 Saturday morning Berks Fire Radio sent Engines 46, 35, 21, Ladder 46, Rescue 46 and EMS 590 to 137 Wentz Street for a reported structure fire. Chief 46 goes responding and Berks Fire advises the chief that the caller is reporting a house on fire with flames showing to the rear of the duplex and that all occupants are out of the house.

Chief 46 arrives on location reporting a 2-1/2 story duplex with heavy fire on the "charlie" side. Engine 46 brings water to the fire from Whiteoak Street and Ladder 46 is ordered to approach from Greenwich Street. Ladder 46 arrives and positions in front of the dwelling.

Chief 46 orders a 1-3/4" hand line to the front door and a second 1-3/4" hand line to the charlie side to knock down the fire between the exposures. The chief orders Engine 46 to stop short of the house to leave room for the ladder company.

At 00:18, the chiefs progress report states the fire is extending into the exposure.

At 00:23, Chief 46 strikes out the 2nd alarm. Berks Fire Radio sends Engines 33, 45, Ladder 33, 45 and Alburtis Rescue 1.

Chief 46 orders Topton Ladder 21 to the rear of the dwelling on Cemetery Lane. Engine 21 is ordered to lay in from the plug at Greenwich and Wentz and supply their ladder in the alley. Engine 35 is ordered to lay in from another plug on Whiteoak due to the original hydrant Engine 46 connected to is out-of-service.

A third hand line is stretched to the exposure (Alpha Bravo) from Engine 46 and a fourth hand line stretched to the original fire building 2nd floor.

The 3rd alarm is eventually transmitted bringing in companies from Lehigh County. Special-called above the third alarm is Berks Engine 12, 44 and Ladder 12.

2 civilians were treated for smoke inhalation and burns. They were transported to LVHC in Lehigh County. A cat and dog died in the fire. Fire officials determined that the resident fell asleep while cooking. The fire was under control about 1.5 hours after the initial dispatch.

View over 35 fireground photos in the photo gallery by clicking here.

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