Lehigh County

Air born SUV nails house on Mauch Chunk Road, occupants flee police before being apprehended

November 22, 2015 at 12:46PM

Air born SUV nails house on Mauch Chunk Road, occupants flee police before being apprehended

Just after midnight Sunday morning, South Whitehall Police radioed in an accident at Mauch Chunk Road and Girard Avenue for a vehicle into house. Lehigh County transmitted a rescue assignment to the intersection. Police engaged in a short foot pursuit when some of the occupants of the vehicle fled on foot from the scene. The occupants exited the SUV and ran through the house and exited the back door of the residence.

After the short pursuit, police radioed that they had two subjects down at gun point and had apprehended them.

Speed appears a factor in the accident. Over 100 feet of skid marks were on the road prior to hitting an embankment and going air born. Police are investigating the accident.

Fire command reported no entrapment and had the balance of the rescue box recalled except for Rescue 11. Mauch Chunk Road remained closed in both directions for the duration of the incident.

Photos by Mike Nester.

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Whitehall Township

Car crashes into Condoms Galore storefront on 3rd Street after block long destruction

November 07, 2015 at 2:47PM

Lehgih County received a 9-1-1 call from 776 3rd Street reporting a car into a building at Exotic Dreams 778 3rd Street. At 02:58 the rescue box was transmitted putting Rescue 8, Squad 1 and Rescue 5 on the ticket along with Medic 62.

Deputy Chief Shambo arrived and found a vehicle into the building at 784 3rd Street (Condoms Galore). The female driver was removed out of the vehicle through the passenger door by Paramedics and Police.

The car was traveling Northbound and struck a pole on the east side of the street just past Park Street. Crossed the yellow line and struck a retaining wall on the Southbound side at 776 3rd Street. The car continued down the sidewalk of the Southbound side taking out a road construction sign and then crashed into the concrete steps at 784 3rd Street where the car came to a halt. The vehicle sustained heavy front end damage. The concrete steps and building did not sustain any damage.

The female driver was the only occupant in the vehicle and was transported to an area hospital by Medic 62. The Fire Department did not use any extrication tools to remove her from the car.

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City of Allentown

Car crashes into PPL electric substation and catches fire causing a massive power outage

November 01, 2015 at 1:16AM

Allentown Fire Radio transmitted box 3615 for a report of a structural fire with multiple callers at the Harry's U-Pull-It Junk Yard on North Plymouth Street sending Engines 13, 6, 9, 14, Truck 2 and Battalion 43 (Williams) on the ticket.

Police went on location and reported a fully-involved building but after investigating further, they found a car burning inside a PPL power substation.

Fire officials arrived and staged a couple of blocks away until PPL utilities arrived. After evaluating the situation, fire crews were staged and told to let the fire burn.

The crash and fire left about 6,000 people without power all over the East side of Allentown, parts of Bethlehem and as far as Northampton Borough.

Four hours later, just before midnight, the crash rescue truck from the Lehigh Valley International Airport (located 2 miles north) was dispatched to finally extinguish the fire.

Miraculously all occupants exited the vehicle before it burst into flames.

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City of Bethlehem

1 killed in multiple vehicle accident involving Lehigh University school bus that rolled-over on 22

October 27, 2015 at 6:43PM

A Lehigh University School Bus collided with a car around 17:50 hours Tuesday afternoon traveling westbound on Route 22 just before the Airport Road exit. The bus flipped onto it's roof with about 20 passengers.

One person was killed in the car that was heavily damaged on the shoulder of the road. A Mass Casualty Incident was declared sending in more ambulances. Initial reports said 7 people were injured. The highway was completely shut down.

Bethlehem City Fire was assisted by Han-Le-Co Fire Station 33. The accident happened on the Lehigh County / Bethlehem City line.

As of 19:50, Bethlehem City fire crews were on the scene extricating the dead victim from the car.

All photos and video by Mike Nester of NVP.


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Lehigh County

Pick-up Truck under Tractor-Trailer traps driver on Route 100 for an extended period of time

August 01, 2015 at 5:43PM

Pick-up Truck under Tractor-Trailer traps driver on Route 100 for an extended period of time

Around 10:40 AM Saturday morning, Wesosville Rescue 30, Engine 30 and EMS 66 get dispatched to the intersection of Route 100 and Quarry Road in Lower Macungie for an auto extrication. Once on scene, crews found a pick-up truck under the trailer portion of the tractor trailer with the driver still inside.

Command requested two additional rescue companies from Trexlertown 25 and Alburtis 1. Rescue crews worked for an hour using tools to cut the driver out of the mangled wreckage.

Photos by Mike Nester.

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City of Allentown

Fatal Crash:  Single vehicle car crash kills man after hitting tree on Hamilton Street

July 19, 2015 at 12:20PM

Fatal Crash:  Single vehicle car crash kills man after hitting tree on Hamilton Street

At 18:30 Saturday evening, Allentown Communications Center transmitted box 2716 for an auto extrication at Hamilton and Glenwood Streets, sending Engines 10, 11, 9 (utility 52), Truck 2 and Battalion 43.

Engine 10 arrived to find a car into a tree, minutes later, extrication was completed and EMS rushed a male victim with a trauma code to the hospital.

The driver died overnight at the Lehigh Valley Hospital Center. \

Photos by our correspondent Mike Nester.

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Whitehall Township

Motorcyclist critically injured in crash on MacArthur Road Saturday afternoon

June 13, 2015 at 3:21PM

Motorcyclist critically injured in crash on MacArthur Road Saturday afternoon

Whitehall Engine 2, Medic 62 and Police were sent to MacArthur Road Northbound next to Sears at 14:45 for an injury accident involving a motorcycle.

A motorcycle traveling northbound struck two cars as the traffic was slowing for a traffic signal at Mickley Road. The impact threw the cyclist about 40 feet down the highway and severely damaged the back-end of a car.

The cyclist was not wearing a helmet as reported to NewsWorking. Medic 62 rushed the victim to the trauma center at Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest.

Police closed MacArthur Road North at Grape Street while they investigated. The talked to numerous witnesses at the scene. The roadway was still shut down at the time of this writing.

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Monroe County

Mass casualty incident (MCI) declared at accident on Rt. 380

June 03, 2015 at 10:07AM

Mass casualty incident (MCI) declared at accident on Rt. 380

At 10:15 AM Wednesday, a charter bus and tractor trailer collided on Rt. 380 mile marker 4 in Monroe County. An MCI was declared and ambulances from at least 4 counties including one from the City of Allentown responded to the area. Initial reports into Newsworking stated it was a school bus.

Two people are reported dead and multiple people were trapped in the bus. Three medical helicopters, Medevac, Lifeflight and Pennstar transported the most critically injured to area trauma centers.

The less serious patients were transported by ground to Pocono Regional. A total of 14 people were injured.

A progress report from the scene at 11:18 said two class 1 patients were being flown by Lifeflight and one patient by Pennstar. Both aircraft are still on the ground at the time of this progress report. Most of the class 3 patients are being transported by ground to Pocono Regional. All viable patients have now been extricated from the bus except the two Class 5's (Deceased). Rescue companies will now commence extrication on the deceased.

Photo submitted by Newsworking Fan Lori Mann-Gibson.

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City of Allentown

Car nearly hits house, damages porch on 5th Street

May 18, 2015 at 9:17PM

Car nearly hits house, damages porch on 5th Street

At 21:11, Allentown transmitted rescue box 2253 for 512 North 5th Street on a report of an auto extrication with car into the building sending Battalion 43, Engines 9, 4 and Truck 2.

Battalion 43 (Atiyeh) arrives and finds a car into the porch at 449 North 5th Street near Liberty Street. He doesn't find anyone pinned in the car and has the balance of the box recalled except for Engine 9. Battalion 43 puts Lt. Kutz (9A) in charge and returns to quarters.

Engine 9A request Building Standards to the scene and the board up company. Lt. Kutz and his crew remain on the scene while the tow truck removes the vehicle from the sidewalk. No injuries were reported.

Click HERE for more photos of this scene in the photo gallery.

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City of Allentown

Man critically injured when car splits in half after hitting tree

April 26, 2015 at 6:12PM

Man critically injured when car splits in half after hitting tree

Just before 14:00 on Sunday, Allentown Fire sends Engine 10 and 4 to 23rd and Union Streets for a reported car fire. Moments later, box 2733 is transmitted for a auto extrication at the that intersection. The rescue box is filled out sending Engines 9, 11, Truck 2, Battalion 43, Medic 1 and Medic 100.

Engine 10 arrives and reports one person heavily entrapped and a car that is in two pieces. The Battalion chief orders Engine 9 and 11 to put their rescue tools in-service to remove the roof and dash board. Members from Truck 2 are instructed to park their apparatus and report to the car for manpower.

The victim is removed a while later and transported to the trauma center in critical condition. The accident is under investigation.

Photos by Mike Nester. More photos can be viewed here.

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