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Firefighters extinguish small fire at antique business on Franklin Street

November 29, 2014 at 10:59PM

Firefighters extinguish small fire at antique business on Franklin Street

At 15:45 Saturday afternoon, 3 stations from Whitehall were sent to 105 Franklin Street in the Fullerton Section for a dwelling fire.

Chief of Department Robert Benner arrived and reported nothing showing. He was looking at the houses on the opposite side of the street and noticed everyone pointing to the antique business on the other side. He noticed smoke from the side of the 2-story commercial building that has apartments on the top floor. He signaled to the responding units that smoke was showing.

Engine 2 (LC 3712) arrived and stretched a dry hand line for a small fire behind the front wall where the electrical panel box was burning. A water can was used to extinguish the fire. A booster line was then deployed to the exterior to water down the wall. Engine 3 (LC 3831) backed into the parking lot to the front of the building and positioned their ladder.

Engine 12 (LC 3711) positioned at a hydrant but was ordered by the chief not to lay in. Chief 16 (LC 3501) special-called Egypt station for one engine for the lack of an engine response from the Fullerton's station.

A total of 5 engines and the rescue were on location for this fire. There was minor damage to the exterior of the building.

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Whitehall Township

Firefighters respond to this fully-involved Nissan in Fullerton

November 20, 2014 at 8:54PM

At 16:43 Whitehall sent Squad 1 (LC3611), Engines 2, 12 and Rescue 8 (LC 3641) to a report of a car fire at 5th and Pennsylvania Streets.

Deputy Chief Shambo arrives on locations and signals a working fire in the rear compartment.

When first-due Squad 1 arrived the car was fully-involved. One line was stretched and the fire was out 10 minutes later.

The fire totally destroyed the Nissan Maxima.

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Whitehall Township

Deadly crash at this deadly intersection closes Macarthur Road for several hours

November 19, 2014 at 10:03AM

Deadly crash at this deadly intersection closes Macarthur Road for several hours

At 04:06 Wednesday morning, Whitehall Rescue companies and an Engine from Egypt along with EMS 62 were dispatched to Route 145 and Chestnut Street for an auto extrication.

Police went on scene and requested fire and EMS to expedite due to the nature of the accident. A large dump truck hit a pick-up truck and there's major damage to both vehicles.

Assistant Chief B. Monahan was the first fire officer on scene and recalled Fullerton's Rescue. The driver of the pick-up truck was pronounced dead at the scene.

Route 145 was ordered shut down in both directions from Rt. 329 to Columbia Street and Chestnut Street was shut down from Ruch to Church Street. The road's remained closed for much of the morning as the investigation continued.

Photos by Nester Video Production. To see more photos of this horrific crash CLICK HERE.

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Whitehall Township

One person aided at injury accident on Macarthur Road

November 16, 2014 at 10:47PM

Lehigh County 9-1-1 dispatched EMS 62 and Rescue Engine 5 to Route 145 and Chestnut Streets for an injury accident with ejection at 18:15 hours Sunday.

On arrival, EMS and Fire crews found one person down in the street on the south bound side of the highway just south of Chestnut Street. One patient was aided by EMS and transported to an area hospital with unknown injuries.

It looks like a one car accident where the car hit the guard rail. Whitehall Police had 4 or 5 patrol cars at the scene to assist fire and EMS. Sources tell Newsworking that the patient was not ejected from the automobile.

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Whitehall Township

One hurt in rush hour crash on Route 22

November 01, 2014 at 3:24PM

A one car crash slowed both eastbound and westbound lanes of Route 22 at Fullerton Avenue around 16:35 hours Friday afternoon.

The driver was in cardiac arrest when emergency personnel arrived. Firefighters and Paramedics aided the victim and transported to Muhlenberg Hospital. No word on his or her condition.

The car struck the cement barrier and damaged it.

Whitehall Fire Department, Cetronia EMS and State Police assisted at the scene.

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Whitehall Township

Helmet Cam:  Firefighters Respond To Car Fire On Route 22

August 19, 2014 at 9:41PM

Monday night around 23:30 hours Whitehall Fire Department responded for a working car fire on Route 22 eastbound at Route 145. This video shows footage from a camera attached to a firefighters helmet. The fire was out within a few minutes. The Whitehall fire investigation team was dispatched to the scene to investigate the cause of the fire. EMS was dispatched for a person with burns to their arm.

Video by Mike Nester.

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Whitehall Township

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Citizen Extinguishes Fire To Save House Before The Arrival Of Firefighters

June 27, 2014 at 7:06PM

At 18:00 Friday, Lehigh County Fire Radio transmitted the box for 3006 North 5th Avenue for a reported dwelling fire sending Engines 3, 13, 4, 14, 6 Truck and Rescue 8 under the command of Car 16 (Benner).

A gas can was on fire in the driveway near the garage. As the fire started to extend into the structure, a civilian armed with an extinguisher attacked the fire then went inside the garage to hit a small pocket fire inside garage.

The fire for the most part was extinguished before the arrival of the fire department.

First due Squrt 3 arrived and stretched a hand line as a precaution and to hit some hot spots that remained. Engine 4 dropped a supply line from a hydrant a block away at 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue. The engine crew from 4 stretched a dry line to the garage. A supply line was brought off the back of the squrt and connected to a hydrant behind them at 5th and Chestnut.

2 vehicles in the garage sustained damage in the fire. The garage structure also sustained minor damage. No injuries were reported.

Fire officials told Newsworking the homeowner was trying to fill a lighter in the garage, possibly igniting the fire.

Whitehall Township

Three Car Accident Closes Northbound MacArthur Road, Multiple People Injured

June 22, 2014 at 12:09AM

At 22:48 Saturday evening, Lehigh County 9-1-1 sends Engine 13, Rescue 5, Rescue 8 and EMS 62 to Rt. 145 and Center Street for the vehicle extrication. Chief officers arrive and confirm they have two trapped and 3 cars involved blocking the northbound lanes.

Police request the roadway shut down northbound at Municipal Drive. Engine 13 arrives first and stretches a precautionary hand line. EMS and fire personnel extricate the patients before the arrival of the heavy rescue companies. Deputy Chief Shambo orders the rescue companies to proceed in under reduced speed. .

At least three 4 people were transported to area hospitals with what appeared to be minor injuries.

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May 29, 2014 at 12:27AM

** Some people find this video offensive - Please, if you do not like to see mangled cars involved in a crash - DO NOT VIEW - LEAVE THIS SITE NOW! (No bodies are shown)

At 20:25, Whitehall Rescue 5, Squad 1 and Engine 11 were sent to Rt. 22 westbound just before the Fullerton Avenue interchange for an auto extrication.

Deputy Chief Shambo arrives and reports the driver is D.O.A.

Squad 1 arrives and stretches a hand line for safety due to a fuel spill. Rescue 5 arrives and positions along side of the squad.

Fire department members stood by while State Police investigated the accident. Rt. 22 was closed at Airport Road. The highway was closed for at least 5 hours.

The video starts before the arrival of the fire department. We show the trucks approaching the scene along with close up shots of the accident scene.

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Whitehall Township


March 30, 2014 at 8:55PM

At 17:22 Lehigh County received a report of an odor of smoke inside the Perkins Restaurant at 1450 MacArthur Road and sent Stations 36, 37 and Squirt 3 (3831).

Chief 16 (Benner) arrives and reports fire showing from a 1-story restaurant and special-calls station 39. Assistant Chief Monahan adds Catasauqua Ladder 231 to the special-call. Command finds heavy fire in the roof area of the building.

Engine 1 arrives and stretches a hand line into operation. The second due engine, Engine 2 brings a water supply line in from a hydrant on MacArthur Road in front of the Best Buy store.

Squirt 3 positions in front of the building and goes into service with their elevated master stream.

With the fire rapidly extending, command strikes the 2nd alarm. Lehigh County Fire Radio transmits the 2nd alarm at 17:34 sending Whitehall Engine 14, Rescue 5 for the R.I.T., Han-Le-Co Ladder 33 and Air unit 3292.

Engine 11 brings water from a hydrant on Estates Drive and positions on the south side of the building. Ladder 231 positions on the west side of the building and crews go to the roof to ventilate but the roof was compromised so they were ordered off the roof.

The bulk of the fire was darkened down by 18:00 hours and crews remained on the scene overhauling for the next couple of hours. All companies cleared the scene by 20:50.

One firefighter was injured and transported to L.V.H.C. with a minor injury.

Cetronia EMS provided numerous ambulances at the scene.

Click HERE for the photo gallery.

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