Northampton County

Chimney fire damages house in Lower Saucon, PA.

November 22, 2015 at 3:45PM

Chimney fire damages house in Lower Saucon, PA.

Lower Saucon and Upper Saucon Fire responded to 1392 University Avenue in Lower Saucon for a chimney fire at 11:25 Sunday morning. Chief 18 arrives and reports an active fire in the chimney and request a F.A.S.T. company on the assignment. At 11:35 Northampton County signals Hellertown station 13 for the F.A.S.T.

The fire in the chimney extended into the attic / roof area of the single family dwelling. Portions of the chimney and roof were damaged. Multiple hand lines were in operation. At 11:42 Upper Saucon companies were recalled. No injuries were reported.

Photos by Mike Nester.

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City of Bethlehem

1 killed in multiple vehicle accident involving Lehigh University school bus that rolled-over on 22

October 27, 2015 at 6:43PM

A Lehigh University School Bus collided with a car around 17:50 hours Tuesday afternoon traveling westbound on Route 22 just before the Airport Road exit. The bus flipped onto it's roof with about 20 passengers.

One person was killed in the car that was heavily damaged on the shoulder of the road. A Mass Casualty Incident was declared sending in more ambulances. Initial reports said 7 people were injured. The highway was completely shut down.

Bethlehem City Fire was assisted by Han-Le-Co Fire Station 33. The accident happened on the Lehigh County / Bethlehem City line.

As of 19:50, Bethlehem City fire crews were on the scene extricating the dead victim from the car.

All photos and video by Mike Nester of NVP.

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Northampton County

Mid-morning house fire in Bath borough

September 08, 2015 at 4:11PM

Mid-morning house fire in Bath borough

At 09:49 Northampton County dispatched Station 40 to 311 Creek Road for a house fire. EMS arrived and reported heavy smoke showing and moments later reported the house to be fully-involved.

At 09:52 Ladder 46 and Station 48 were added to fill-out the box for a working house fire. Hanover 15 was added for the F.A.S.T. company.

Engine 40 stretched one hand line into the interior of the 2-story M/O/R and Tower Ladder 46 set-up their tower in front of the fire building.

The fire was placed under control in 20 minutes.

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Northampton County

East Allen Firefighters respond to Automatic Fire Alarm and arrive to a working kitchen fire

May 10, 2015 at 1:56PM

Early Saturday afternoon around 12:30 Northampton County Fire Dispatched Stations 46 and 45 to 5535 Colony Drive for a fire alarm.

Chief 46 went on location reporting smoke showing from a 1-story dwelling and had the tactical box filled out to a full 1st alarm assignment.

Tower Ladder 46 arrived and their members went to investigate. They found a kitchen fire and stretched a hand line to the fire. Engine 45 arrived and positioned behind the ladder and supplied them with water if it was needed. Command requested the hand line not to be charged.

Lehigh County Ladder 2 arrived and positioned in front of the tower ladder. Command ordered 42 Engine to stand by at a hydrant located a block from the fire building.

Lehigh County Engine 3311 arrived from the eastern side of the scene.

In all, 3 Engines and 2 Ladder companies were on location. Firefighters did a primary search that came up negative and checked for fire extension. 30 minutes later the companies started taking up and returning to quarters.

This home is a residence for the mentally handicapped. On arrival, evacuations were under way as personnel were using wheel chairs to get everyone out of the house before the arrival of the fire department.

View the complete photo gallery HERE.

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Northampton County

Firefighters battle structure fire and brush fire Monday morning

May 04, 2015 at 9:35PM

Monday morning crews from Bushkill Township were dispatched to the area of Hahn Rd. for a reported structure fire.

first arriving crews had a vacant building fully involved with and extending brush fire. Crews called in additional tankers to shuttle water to the scene while they worked defensive operations on the buidling.

Crews worked for a couple of hours before clearing the scene.

Photos and video by Mike Nester.

Northampton County

Working fire damages roof and attic of duplex on Main Street

February 28, 2015 at 10:21PM

At 17:39 Northampton County fire dispatched Northampton Boro Station 42, 43, 46 and Rescue 1541 (F.A.S.T.) and EMS 49 to 851 Main Street on a report of a house fire across from that address. Dispatch immediately alerted all companies of a working fire.

On arrival, Chief 42-52 found fire venting from the roof of the 3-story duplex and signaled a working fire with an address of 840 Main Street. The 1st alarm was then filled out sending additional companies. Engine 42-12 arrived and brought water to the fire from a hydrant on Main Street just north of East 9th Street. Tower Ladder 46 positioned in front of the building and put their bucket in-service with the master stream to make a quick hit on the fire. Ladder 43 (North Catasauqua) also positioned in front of the fire building and put the stick up to the roof of the exposure (side 2) when they arrived at 17:47.

The tower ladder darkened down the bulk of the fire for the interior crew to gain access to the 3rd floor where they used a hand line to hit the rest of the fire.

Crews worked for an hour to bring the fire under control. Most of the damage was contained to the attic and roof of the original fire building.

Red Cross was notified to assist 6 people that were displaced by the fire.

Coplay Police closed their side of the Coplay / Northampton bridge for the duration of the fire.

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Northampton County

3rd Alarm:  Fire damages a multiple dwelling in Lower Saucon, PA.

February 19, 2015 at 6:04PM

On Thursday afternoon crews from Lower Saucon were dispatched to the 3700 Blk of Old Philadelphia Pk for a structure fire.

First arriving crews encountered heavy fire and a 2nd then 3rd alarm were requested. Numerous lines were placed in service along with a tower ladder after the evacuation order was given.

Crews battled the fire for several hours and more resources were special requested before bringing the fire under control, cold weather hampered some of their efforts and the fire is now under investigation.

Video, Photos and story by correspondent Mike Nester.

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Northampton County

Fatal 2nd alarm house fire in Lower Saucon, PA.

February 11, 2015 at 10:16AM

Lower Saucon Fire Stations were alerted around 22:55 for a report of a house fire with entrapment in the 1400 block of East University Avenue. Additional radio transmissions were reporting that police have a working fire. With that information, a chief officer responding transmitted the second alarm.

Once on scene, he transmitted a fully-involved 2-story single-family-dwelling (SFD). Firefighters attacked the blaze from the exterior to darken down the fire before they could get inside to search. Unfortunately, they found the 1st floor collapsed into the basement. Firefighters worked to knock down the fire on the second floor from the exterior. Once they did, they gained entry to the second floor from the front porch roof. Members did a primary search of that floor that came up negative.

It is unknown where they found the victim, who hasn't been identified as of this writing.

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Northampton County

Reported fire escalates to a two-alarm fire that guts Lehigh Township house

February 01, 2015 at 4:38PM

At 08:50, Lehigh Township Fire 47 was sent to the area of Steven lane and Mulberry Drive for a reported house fire. The updated address was immediately given out as 4618 Steven for a dryer fire with extension to the house. Chief 47 arrived and signaled a working fire in a 2.5-story S/F/D with heavy smoke pushing from most of the house. The 1st alarm box was filled out.

As the fire was engulfing the garage area and roof of the dwelling, command struck the 2nd alarm along with a tanker task force. Walnutport's Ladder 29 positioned in the drive-way while Lehigh Engine 47 stopped on the street in front of the dwelling.

Interior members made a good push to the second floor after knocking down the fire on the first floor and darkened down the bulk of the fire in the attic within 20 minutes of arriving. Other members worked lines on the exterior of the dwelling on the side of the garage.

Companies from Lehigh and Carbon Counties assisted at the scene. A tanker fill site was established at a pond near Steven and Mulberry.

Extensive salvage work was also commenced to try and save a lot of the personal belongings in the dwelling not being affected by the fire. PPL was on location and cut power to the house. Red Cross was notified to assist the family.

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Northampton County

Pellet stove causes minor damage in Lehigh Township, PA.

January 15, 2015 at 4:28PM

Pellet stove causes minor damage in Lehigh Township, PA.

At 02:07 Northampton County transmitted a tactical box for 947 South Cotton Wood Road on a house fire, sending Lehigh Township 47, Walnutport Ladder 44-21 and Allen Township 45-31.

Chief 47-53 went on location and reported a fire in the exterior wall of a 2.5-story dwelling and had the county fill out the full 1st alarm for a working fire.

He ordered the first-in engine to check the interior walls with a thermal imaging camera and a second crew to the exterior to open up the wall.

Three hand lines were stretched with two in operation, one interior and one exterior. Once the walls were opened up, firefighters found fire in the wall near the pellet stove.

Companies remained on the scene for about an hour overhauling and checking for extension.

The residents told Newsworking that the wife noticed smoke coming out of the wall and woke her husband up. He called 9-1-1 and then used an extinguisher around the stove pipe where it entered the wall. Early detection on this fire saved the house.

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