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Lehigh County


October 07, 2012 at 11:07AM


Slatington, Pa. - As we first reported the breaking news that a 19-month old baby was fatally shot in Slatington early this morning, the Lehigh County Coroners office has confirmed that the death is ruled a homicide.

We know there was a female in the apartment at the time of the shooting at 214 N. Walnut Street. The shooting happened in the apartment above what used to be Rogers Auto Parts business.

The female was in custody at the scene in back of a Slatington police car.

From what other news agencies are gathering, it appears drugs may have been involved. The weapon was a Smith & Wesson .44 caliber hand gun that was being prepared for a sale to a drug dealer in Allentown. When she was unloading the bullets, the gun accidentally fired, shooting the baby in the crib.

For more details, go to WFMZ.com by clicking here.

Our contributing photographer, Mike Nester of NVP, arrived quickly on the scene to provide photo and video coverage. You can see more of his photos by clicking here.


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Lehigh County


June 19, 2012 at 7:35PM

Slatington, PA. - Slatington 24 and Walnutport 29 were sent to the Slatington Elementary School at 1201 Shadow Oaks Lane for the alarm system.

Chief 2401 went on location to find a haze on the 2nd floor of the school and had Lehigh County Comm fill out the box for a structural fire, giving the chief stations 6 and 9.

Ladder 24 set-up in the front of the building and Ladder 29 set up in the rear near the loading dock. Both ladders went to the roof.

Engine companies were ordered to take their high-rise paks and go to the 2nd floor. First due engine connected to the stand-pipe.

A company 29 officer reported that a maintenance worker told him that an AC unit on the roof was leaking and the haze was Freon and not smoke.

Once this was confirmed, crews ventilated the building. There was no fire in the building.

Whitehall Township


January 01, 2012 at 12:22AM

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Our fans are great and the men and women who risk their lives everyday deserve the recognition that we give them through our videos. Everyone, please be safe out there - EVERYONE COMES HOME in 2012!

Thank you!

Lehigh County


November 20, 2011 at 2:01PM

Slatington, PA - Stations 6, 24, 29 responded to a reported bedroom fire at 02:15 just outside the borough limits at 2555 Scout House Road. Arriving chief officer from Slatington went on location and transmitted a second alarm for tankers.

Firefighters found heavy fire venting from the bedroom windows of a two-story log cabin style home. Crews stretched at least 3 lines and had the bulk of the fire knocked down within 25 minutes.

Command special-called Palmerton Engine 714, Neffs Engine 1611 and Lehigh Twsp. 47 (full response) above the second alarm.

The fire was place under control at 03:53 hours.

Lehigh County

Engine Strikes Utility Pole While Responding To A Call, No Injuries Reported

June 17, 2011 at 11:18PM

Slatington, PA - The fire department was responding to a call for an odor outside. Engine 2412, responding as the second-due engine, was turning out of the station onto Church Street and ended up on the side walk and struck a utility pole, sheering it off at the base and causing a town-wide black-out.

The pole hit the passenger-side of the engine causing significant damage to the truck. None of the firefighters on the rig were injured.

Assistant Chief Jason Nicholas told Newsworking that the engine is 22-years old and he doesn't know if it will be repaired because of the trucks age and the damage sustained in the accident.

Pennsylvania State Police were called to investigate the accident. PPL arrived around 23:10 to replace the damaged pole.

Lehigh County

Duplex destroyed in 3-alarm fire in Slatington

March 30, 2011 at 2:25PM

Slatington, PA - The call came in at 12:14 for a house fire at 560-562 West Franklin Street, companies 24 and 29 respond. Ladder 24 arrives with heavy fire involving a 2.5 story duplex and strikes the 2nd alarm.

Engine 29 (Walnutport) arrives as first due engine and Deputy 29 (Wentz) observes 30 + feet of flames on the original fire building. His crews assists the quint with initial attack. Heavy streams are placed in-service immediately.

Lines were placed on the Delta side to protect the exposure, which is identical to the original fire building. The fire eventually spread to the Delta exposure in the attic. A third alarm was transmitted at 12:30 as the fire extended across the attic of the duplex.

3 lines were stretched into 556 W. Franklin and 1 line into 554 W. Franklin Street. Crews contained the fire to the attic of those two homes. The original duplex was a total loss.

Power and other utility lines above the street complicated the situation. The first arriving ladder couldn't be used. Power lines dropped onto the ladder and Chief 24 requested the power company to respond immediately.

A tower ladder from Neffs, Ladder 16 nosed in to the front of ladder 24 and went into service. The boom hit some electrical lines above, I guess they thought the power was cut to them. The operator quickly moved the boom away from the line and diverted a bad situation.

All the lines made it very difficult to operate at this scene. Later in the fire, Ladder 16's boom hit a utility pole, and the tension moved the lines all the way down the street. They stayed intact and the ladder was not damaged. The noise and commotion grabbed the attention of all the firefighters and spectators.

Companies from northern Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon counties responded to assist Slatington. Carbon companies 7 & 1, Northampton County 47, Lehigh County companies 6, 16, 12, 11, 2, 29 and 5. I apologize if I missed some companies.

Catasauqua Rescue 2 and Greenawalds Rescue 11 were R.I.T.

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Lehigh County

Duplex Destroyed in 3-alarm Blaze in Slatington

January 13, 2011 at 8:35AM

Slatington, PA - At 08:35, Lehigh County 9-1-1 transmitted the box for a house fire with entrapment and multiple calls for 405 Center Avenue. Radio transmissions stated that one person was in the first floor and two children escaped through a second-floor window and stuck on the porch roof. The fire was initially reported as a kitchen fire.

Crews arrived and rescued the children with ladders off of the porch roof. A second-alarm was transmitted at 08:39 bringing in a full response from 24 & 29, engines 611, 912, Greenawalds 11 for RIT and Macungie 66 for 6651.

The fire rapidly extended to the second floor and attic through the walls. The fire traveled to the adjoining dwelling connected on the Bravo side of the initial fire building.

With heavy extension into the exposure, 24 command transmitted the 3rd alarm at 10:00 hours. The two homes were completely destroyed in the blaze.

Under Control was transmitted at 11:52 by 24 command.

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