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One civilian rescued from house fire on Allen Street

August 20, 2015 at 8:45PM

One civilian rescued from house fire on Allen Street

At 19:48 Allentown Comm Center transmitted box 2561 for 12th and Allen Streets for a reported house fire at 1137 Allen Street putting Engines 9, 4, 6, 10 (F.A.S.T.), Truck 2 and Battalion 43 on the ticket.

Battalion 43 arrives on location reporting a 2-story M/O/R with smoke showing from the roof and front of the building. Engine 9 has reports of people trapped and goes to the 2nd floor where a victim is found. The Battalion chief orders an EMS rig to the scene forthwith.

Engine 6 brings a water supply in from the nearest hydrant. Engine 9 stretches a hand line to the basement and darkens down the fire as they progress down the interior stairwell. Crews in the basement were having difficulty locating the seat of the fire because the initial hose crew probably knocked the fire on the way down the stairs. With fire showing from the basement windows in the front of the fire building, Battalion 43 radio's interior crews of the fire. Engine 9 members make their way to the front of the basement where they find the seat of the fire.

A second hand line is stretched as a precautionary line. The Battalion Chief signals an extra engine company to the scene for manpower. The victim was aided by EMS and transported Class 3 to Saint Lukes Hospital.

Engine 14 was dispatched to the address for fire watch.


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Junk yard building burns on East Side

August 10, 2015 at 9:49PM

At 13:40 hours Monday afternoon, Engines 13, 6, 9, 4, Truck 2 and Battalion 43 filled out box 3615 for 1510 East Jonathan Street on a structural fire. Engine 13 turns out of their station on Irving Street and report smoke showing. Secondary reports from Comm Center say a car was on fire in the building and now the building is involved. Engine 13 arrives and reports a working fire at the Harry's U-Pull-it junk yard.

Tower Ladder 2 positions inside the gate of the entrance and goes in-service with that water tower. Multiple hand lines are also used to control the blaze. Battalion 43 special-calls Engine 10 for an additional engine company.

The fire is darkened down in 45 minutes. Crews remain on scene for hours after watering down the hot spots.

First two photos by Dan Stiff. Video and other photos by Mike Nester.

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Fatal Crash:  Single vehicle car crash kills man after hitting tree on Hamilton Street

July 19, 2015 at 12:20PM

Fatal Crash:  Single vehicle car crash kills man after hitting tree on Hamilton Street

At 18:30 Saturday evening, Allentown Communications Center transmitted box 2716 for an auto extrication at Hamilton and Glenwood Streets, sending Engines 10, 11, 9 (utility 52), Truck 2 and Battalion 43.

Engine 10 arrived to find a car into a tree, minutes later, extrication was completed and EMS rushed a male victim with a trauma code to the hospital.

The driver died overnight at the Lehigh Valley Hospital Center. \

Photos by our correspondent Mike Nester.

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Firefighters responding to an alarm system find a working fire in a multiple dwelling

July 07, 2015 at 8:16PM

Firefighters responding to an alarm system find a working fire in a multiple dwelling

At 12:35 Tuesday afternoon, Allentown transmitted box 5142 for 401 Market Street Allentown Housing on the alarm system, sending Engine 14, Ladder 2 and Battalion 43. Engine 14 arrived at 12:37 with Lt. Kutz in command and reported a 2-story apartment building with nothing showing and people outside. The Lieutenant and his crew went to investigate.

At 12:39 Lt. Kutz notified the Battalion Chief that nothing was evident and they were still investigating. Car 43 arrived moments later and at the same time Lt. Kutz reported fire showing out the rear of the building. Battalion 43 requested the box filled out.

Box 5142 was again transmitted for a working fire sending the balance of the box - Engines 11, 13, 9 (F.A.S.T.), Medic 3, Medic 100 and FM 45. Battalion 43 reports fire showing second floor middle of the building. Truck 2 throws ground ladders and sets up the tower. Engine 14 stretches one hand line to the fire apartment and makes a quick knock the fire. Primary searches come up negative. Engine 9 members were ordered inside with hooks for overhaul.

Photos by Mike Nester.

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Firefighters battle this extra Engine Company house fire on North Fourteenth Street

June 19, 2015 at 3:15PM

View the complete photo gallery HERE!

At 07:12 Allentown transmitted box 2653 for 14th and Highland on a report of a house fire for 1032 North 14th Street sending Engines 4, 9, 10, 6 (F.A.S.T.), Truck 2, Battalion 43 (Wehr) and FM 45.

Car 43 arrives and signals a working fire in a garage of a 1-story private dwelling. Engine 4 stretches in on the garage and quickly darkens down the bulk of the fire. Engine 9 ties into the hydrant at 14th and Highland and brings water to Engine 4. Meanwhile, Truck 2 sets-up behind Engine 4 and goes to the roof to cut a ventilation hole.

The fire extended into the attic of the dwelling and ran the roof line. Engine 10 arrived and stretched a line off of 4 and went inside to stop the fire spread.

Battalion Chief Wehr requested one additional Engine and the Air Unit 1. Engine 14 was assigned the additional Engine above the 1st alarm.

Air 1 filled approximately 22 air cylinders on scene. A total of 3 hand lines were in operation for this fire. Fire watch lasted throughout most of the day. No injuries were reported.

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Firefighters use all hands at a fire in a auto repair shop on Lehigh Street

June 17, 2015 at 12:28AM

Firefighters use all hands at a fire in a auto repair shop on Lehigh Street

At 12:13, fire dispatchers sent Engine 11, Truck 2 and Battalion 3 (Atiyeh) to 1447 Lehigh Street for the fire alarm system. PPL utility workers doing work on Lehigh Street in front of the business noticed smoke from the front door and called 9-1-1. Box 5214 was transmitted and filled out for a building fire sending the balance of the assignment for Engines 14, 9 and 13 as the F.A.S.T.

Engine 11 arrived and reported smoke showing from the rear of a 1-story auto repair shop. Battalion 3 arrived and signaled a working fire. Engine 11 stretched a hand line to the lower level of the business on side 2 of the building that in the rear is a walk-out basement with garage doors where they found a working fire.

Engine 9 stretched a hand line to the 1st floor to check for fire extension. The 9 crew found no extension of the fire from the basement leve. The fire was extinguished in 20 minutes and the building was ventilated. A total of 4 Engines, 1 Truck and the Fire Marshal's office were on the scene. The fire is under investigation.

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City of Allentown

Building fire on Plymouth Street sends smoke plume high into the sky, 2nd alarm transmitted

June 04, 2015 at 3:27PM

At 12:26 Allentown transmitted box 3614 for 1213 North Plymouth Street at Harry's U-Pull it Junk yard for a structure fire sending Engines 13, 6, 9, 14 (F.A.S.T.) Truck 2, Battalion 2 (Held) and FM 45.

The fire dispatcher advised the companies responding that heavy smoke could be seen from the street cameras on Airport Road.

The smoke column was so thick and black, it could be seen throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Police on the scene first reported propane tanks in the building and minor explosions.

Engine 13 supplied Truck 2. The truck backed in to the property and used to master streams to hit the fire. The hydrant at Plymouth and Highland was used. The large building was not accessible due to all the junk cars parked in front of it.

Engine 6 brought a supply line in and positioned in a parking lot and used their elevated master stream. It was immediately determined that this attack was going to be an exterior operation from the beginning.

Battalion 2 special-called Engine 4 to the fire. Shortly after that request, he had the 2nd alarm filled out. Engine 13 and Air 1 were assigned to the 2nd alarm with Engine 4.

Engine 9 went to the east of the fire on Quebec Street to check on the tank farm just behind the fire building. They took a water supply with them to hit the fire with their master stream to protect the tank farm.

The Haz-mat team was called out an hour into the fire for oil in the water run-off that was dumping into the storm sewer drains on Plymouth Street.

The fire was under control by 14:00 hours.

It was determined early in the fire that a ruptured gas tank was the cause of the fire. The tank was accidentally punctured and the gas poured onto the floor until it hit an ignition source.

Click HERE for the complete photo gallery of this fire.

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Firefighters use all hands on a house fire near 15th and Hamilton Streets

May 27, 2015 at 9:26PM

Firefighters use all hands on a house fire near 15th and Hamilton Streets

At 20:45 Allentown transmitted box 2414 for 27 North 15th Street on a house fire sending Engines 9, 4, 10, 11 (F.A.S.T.), Truck 2 And Battalion 43 (Henrick).

Battalion Chief Henrick arrives and reports fire showing from the 3rd floor and signals a working fire. Engine 9 stretches one hand line to the 3rd floor of the duplex for what appears to be a room and contents.

With numerous power lines and other utility lines in front of the building, the tower ladder cannot be used. Truck 2 members are ordered to throw ground ladders. Members go to the roof and open up to check for fire extension in the cockloft.

A second hand line is stretched up the ground ladder to hit the fire on the exterior of the dormer. Crews held the fire to the 3rd floor room and the 1st alarm assignment.

Engine Company 6 was dispatched at 21:47 for fire watch duty. The Fire Marshals office is investigating.

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Car nearly hits house, damages porch on 5th Street

May 18, 2015 at 9:17PM

Car nearly hits house, damages porch on 5th Street

At 21:11, Allentown transmitted rescue box 2253 for 512 North 5th Street on a report of an auto extrication with car into the building sending Battalion 43, Engines 9, 4 and Truck 2.

Battalion 43 (Atiyeh) arrives and finds a car into the porch at 449 North 5th Street near Liberty Street. He doesn't find anyone pinned in the car and has the balance of the box recalled except for Engine 9. Battalion 43 puts Lt. Kutz (9A) in charge and returns to quarters.

Engine 9A request Building Standards to the scene and the board up company. Lt. Kutz and his crew remain on the scene while the tow truck removes the vehicle from the sidewalk. No injuries were reported.

Click HERE for more photos of this scene in the photo gallery.

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Truck fire catches house on fire.  Arcing wires hamper firefighters battling the blaze.

May 16, 2015 at 9:30PM

At 14:35 Allentown transmitted box 3137 for a house fire at 164 Gordon Street, sending Engines 6, 4, 9, 13, Truck 2, BN 43 & FM 45.

The Fire Dispatcher advised responding units that a header was seen on the camera in the vicinity of the fire.

Engine 6 arrived and reported a working fire from a truck and was extending to the house and power lines were arcing.

Two hand lines were stretched, 1 with foam, to try and contain the fire to the truck while firefighters waited for PPL Utilities to arrive and cut power to the arcing wires.

Firefighters gained access to the house and checked for extension. Members found no fire other than the area affected by the truck fire.

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