Northampton County

Chimney fire damages house in Lower Saucon, PA.

November 22, 2015 at 3:45PM

Chimney fire damages house in Lower Saucon, PA.

Lower Saucon and Upper Saucon Fire responded to 1392 University Avenue in Lower Saucon for a chimney fire at 11:25 Sunday morning. Chief 18 arrives and reports an active fire in the chimney and request a F.A.S.T. company on the assignment. At 11:35 Northampton County signals Hellertown station 13 for the F.A.S.T.

The fire in the chimney extended into the attic / roof area of the single family dwelling. Portions of the chimney and roof were damaged. Multiple hand lines were in operation. At 11:42 Upper Saucon companies were recalled. No injuries were reported.

Photos by Mike Nester.

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City of Allentown

2nd Alarm: Townhouse gutted by fire Friday afternoon

November 13, 2015 at 10:14PM

2nd Alarm: Townhouse gutted by fire Friday afternoon

At 13:42 Box 3265 was transmitted for a report of a house fire with people trapped at 412 East Mosser Street sending 4 engines, 1 truck, Car 43, Medics 2, 4 and 100.

Engine 13 arrives and reports a working fire in a 2-story middle-of-row. Dispatch received reports of a child trapped in the basement. Engine 13 stretched a hand line to the front door and was attempting to gain access to the basement for a search when the Battalion Chief told the companies the kid was accounted for outside therefore no need for a search. With fire venting out three windows in the rear, the 2nd alarm was struck.

Engine 13 made a good push to the second floor and darkened down the fire. Engine 4 operated the second hand line in the front door. The third hand line was stretched to the rear to knock down fire on the exterior of the house.

The fire extended to the attic and when members from Truck 2 were on the roof they noticed it getting soft and were ordered off the roof. The firefighters held the fire to the original fire building. Air 1 provided cascade services and filled 25 air cylinders at the scene. \

All photos by Mike Nester.

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Whitehall Township

Firefighters quickly douse small fire on rear deck of ranch home

October 30, 2015 at 3:48PM

At 11:14 Whitehall Engines 3, 13, 2 and 6 Truck take in a reported house fire at 3918 Mechanicsville Road for a deck attached to a house. Engine 3 arrives and reports smoke showing and stretch one hand line.

Crews stretched the line to the rear yard and found a small fire on and under the deck. Engine 3 and 13 were on the road a few blocks away and arrived about 3 minutes after being dispatched.

Police closed Mechanicsville Road for the duration of the fire due to a supply line that was connected to a hydrant a block away. It was not used.

The original 9-1-1 caller told Newsworking that he was impressed at the response time and the amount of apparatus that quickly arrived at the scene.

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Lehigh County

Two homes damaged during 2-alarm blaze in Macungie, PA.

October 06, 2015 at 1:38PM

At 17:18 hours Monday afternoon, Lehigh County 9-1-1 dispatched units to the 127 Hillcrest Dr. South for a reported house fire.

As crews are responding, heavy smoke is visible in the area and a 2nd alarm is requested. First arriving officer takes command and reports two homes involved with live wires down in front of the homes. Crews immediately stretch multiple lines to both homes to knock down the fire, one property suffers extensive damage to the bravo side while the other is destroyed with fire on all divisions.

Crews worked for a couple hours to knock down the flames and one firefighter had a close call when a portion of a garage wall collapsed nearby.

Around 04:00 Tuesday morning, crews were dispatched again for a rekindle. On arrival, they found the same house fully involved.

Video and photos by Mike Nester.

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Lehigh County

Second Alarm fire closes Rt. 873 in Northern Lehigh County

September 21, 2015 at 11:40PM

At 21:03 Lehigh County 9-1-1 transmitted the box for Rt. 873 and Oak Drive for a reported house fire sending Station 9, Tanker 621, Ladder 23-31 and EMS 67.

The fire dispatcher provided Chief 9-02 that a passer-by reports the house to be fully involved. With that information, Chief 9-02 adds Tanker 16 (Neffs) to the box at 21:08. Lehigh County Radio also advises companies responding that another caller reports screaming coming from the house and upgrades the box to possible people trapped. Another caller reports the house is vacant. A confirmed address is also updated to 6655 Rt. 873.

At 21:09 Engine 9-11 arrives on location and signals a working fire. A minute later EMS 67-94 advises that there's live wires down around the dwelling and to use caution.

Chief 9 arrives and has the 2nd alarm struck. At 21:12 Lehigh County sends Tanker 9-21, Engine 24, Tanker 23-22, 10-21, Norco 47 Tanker, Ladder 16 and Rescue 11 (F.A.S.T.).

Ladders 23 and 16 put their elevated master streams into operation along with multiple hand lines. The fire started darkening down 45 minutes into the call.

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Northampton County

Mid-morning house fire in Bath borough

September 08, 2015 at 4:11PM

Mid-morning house fire in Bath borough

At 09:49 Northampton County dispatched Station 40 to 311 Creek Road for a house fire. EMS arrived and reported heavy smoke showing and moments later reported the house to be fully-involved.

At 09:52 Ladder 46 and Station 48 were added to fill-out the box for a working house fire. Hanover 15 was added for the F.A.S.T. company.

Engine 40 stretched one hand line into the interior of the 2-story M/O/R and Tower Ladder 46 set-up their tower in front of the fire building.

The fire was placed under control in 20 minutes.

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Lehigh County

Small kitchen fire sends one elderly female to the hospital on Circle Drive in Catasauqua, PA.

September 07, 2015 at 2:47PM

Take a look at the photo gallery of this fire by clicking HERE.

At 12:27 Catasauqua 2 and North Catasauqua 18 were dispatched for a reported dwelling fire at 121 Circle Drive. Deputy Chief 203 (Paul) arrives and reports nothing showing front of building with people outside and goes to investigate. Moments later he returns to the radio and reports the house charged with smoke and orders Engine 211 to bring in a water supply and stretch a hand line to the front door.

Ladder 231 positions nose first into the front of Engine 211. Members find a small kitchen fire that was result of food on the stove that extended to the cabinets.

The balance of the box proceeded in to stand-by. Greenawalds Rescue 11 was added to the box as the F.A.S.T. company but later recalled.

An elderly female was transported by EMS 75 to an area hospital with minor burns. The Fire Marshal is investigating.

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Lehigh County

2nd Alarm:  Firefighters battle early afternoon house fire in Slatington injuring one firefighter

September 06, 2015 at 8:49PM

Lehigh County 9-1-1 dispatched Station 24, Engine 29-11, Ladder 29-31, Rescue 11-41 (F.A.S.T.) to 1135 Maple Spring Drive for a reported house fire. Deputy 29 (Wentz) signed on radio responding and was advised that the caller reported the rear deck on fire. Deputy 29 arrives in area reporting heavy smoke showing and moments later reported a working fire in a 1-story private dwelling and struck out the 2nd alarm at 14:06.

Lehigh County transmitted the second alarm at 14:07 sending Engines 611, 911, 2311, 1611, 4712 (N.C.), Tower Ladder 721 (Palmerton), squad 1651 and rehab 66.

Chief 24 went on location taking over command. Three lines were immediately stretched as fire was rapidly spreading into the roof area of the building. One line was stretched to the rear, two through the front door and one to side 4 of the building.

Ladder 47 went to the roof to cut a vent hole. A water supply was established using a hydrant across the street from the fire building. Crews worked for about 45 minutes to darken down all the fire. Crews in the garage had a stubborn fire above the ceiling in the roof line and had to pull ceilings to gain access to the fire. The crew in the rear continued to water down the deck and the exterior of the house.

A total of 4 hand lines were stretched and operating. One firefighter and the homeowner were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries. Catasauqua was requested for a second F.A.S.T. company.

View the photo gallery by clicking HERE

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New Jersey

Fireground Audio: Mayday during a house fire in Jersey City Sunday morning

September 06, 2015 at 10:21AM

At 00:02 on September 6, 2015 Squad 4, Engines 10, 8, 22, Ladders 4, 6, Rescue 1, Battalion 4 and Deputy 1 responded to box 647 for 22 Clinton Avenue.

Battalion 4 went on location reporting heavy fire showing on the Delta side of a 2-story building. Squad 4 arrives and reports a person trapped in the basement and a rescue being made.

At 00:06 Battalion 2, Engine 9 and Tower Ladder 6 were added to the box on the working fire signal along with Battalion 1 as the Safety Officer. Command request 1 EMS rig for the victim pulled from the basement.

A progress report from Battalion 4 at 00:09 reports heavy fire on the 1st floor with water on the fire in the basement and request the 2nd alarm struck. Dispatch sends Engines 17, 19, 15 and Ladder 11.

At 00:17 a Mayday was transmitted (the 15:30 mark on the video). Three firefighters were removed from the fire building to awaiting EMS units.

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Lehigh County

Firefighters douse small house fire in North Whitehall, PA. Monday evening injuring 1 firefighter

September 01, 2015 at 8:24AM

Lehigh County Fire Radio dispatched Engines 9, 16, Tanker 9 and 16 to the house next to 2243 Red Hill Road for a house fire at 21:47. The initial 9-1-1 caller can see flames inside the house. Chief 16-01 arrives at 21:54 and preliminary reports smoke showing from a two-story single-family-dwelling (S/F/D). At 21:55 command signals a working house fire requesting 3 additional tankers be added to the 1st alarm assignment. Tankers 6, 12 and 26 were added to the box at 21:57.

Ladder 16-31 arrives first and stretches two hand lines to the oddly configured house. One line goes through the second-floor window (street level) and the second line goes in through a door on the lower level. The second floor of the structure is at street level and the 1st floor is below street level. You can actually walk onto the roof of the 1st story directly from the street.

At 22:15, command special-called two additional Engines on the box. Lehigh County sent Engines 12 and 24.

The interior crews made a quick hit on the fire darkening down the bulk of the fire in 20 minutes. The fire was under control 45 minutes later. One firefighter sustained minor injuries. Rehab Unit 66 was dispatched at 22:11 for the exhausted firefighters.

EMS 67-93 was also on the scene.

View the photo gallery by clicking HERE.

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