City of Allentown

Fatal Crash:  Single vehicle car crash kills man after hitting tree on Hamilton Street

July 19, 2015 at 12:20PM

Fatal Crash:  Single vehicle car crash kills man after hitting tree on Hamilton Street

At 18:30 Saturday evening, Allentown Communications Center transmitted box 2716 for an auto extrication at Hamilton and Glenwood Streets, sending Engines 10, 11, 9 (utility 52), Truck 2 and Battalion 43.

Engine 10 arrived to find a car into a tree, minutes later, extrication was completed and EMS rushed a male victim with a trauma code to the hospital.

The driver died overnight at the Lehigh Valley Hospital Center. \

Photos by our correspondent Mike Nester.

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Monroe County

Mass casualty incident (MCI) declared at accident on Rt. 380

June 03, 2015 at 10:07AM

Mass casualty incident (MCI) declared at accident on Rt. 380

At 10:15 AM Wednesday, a charter bus and tractor trailer collided on Rt. 380 mile marker 4 in Monroe County. An MCI was declared and ambulances from at least 4 counties including one from the City of Allentown responded to the area. Initial reports into Newsworking stated it was a school bus.

Two people are reported dead and multiple people were trapped in the bus. Three medical helicopters, Medevac, Lifeflight and Pennstar transported the most critically injured to area trauma centers.

The less serious patients were transported by ground to Pocono Regional. A total of 14 people were injured.

A progress report from the scene at 11:18 said two class 1 patients were being flown by Lifeflight and one patient by Pennstar. Both aircraft are still on the ground at the time of this progress report. Most of the class 3 patients are being transported by ground to Pocono Regional. All viable patients have now been extricated from the bus except the two Class 5's (Deceased). Rescue companies will now commence extrication on the deceased.

Photo submitted by Newsworking Fan Lori Mann-Gibson.

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New Jersey

Fast moving blaze kills man in Phillipsburg, NJ house fire

March 01, 2015 at 12:40PM

A fast moving fire killed a man in his home at 286 Hudson Street in New Jersey. The fire was called in via 911 around 22:30 Saturday night. Firefighters were met with a large volume of fire on arrival. EMS was told to proceed to the scene as firefighters found 1 victim in the house.

Phillipsburg F.D. tower ladder was set-up in front of the building. Multiple hydrants in the neighborhood were used for a water supply. The fire is under investigation.

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Whitehall Township

Deadly crash at this deadly intersection closes Macarthur Road for several hours

November 19, 2014 at 10:03AM

Deadly crash at this deadly intersection closes Macarthur Road for several hours

At 04:06 Wednesday morning, Whitehall Rescue companies and an Engine from Egypt along with EMS 62 were dispatched to Route 145 and Chestnut Street for an auto extrication.

Police went on scene and requested fire and EMS to expedite due to the nature of the accident. A large dump truck hit a pick-up truck and there's major damage to both vehicles.

Assistant Chief B. Monahan was the first fire officer on scene and recalled Fullerton's Rescue. The driver of the pick-up truck was pronounced dead at the scene.

Route 145 was ordered shut down in both directions from Rt. 329 to Columbia Street and Chestnut Street was shut down from Ruch to Church Street. The road's remained closed for much of the morning as the investigation continued.

Photos by Nester Video Production. To see more photos of this horrific crash CLICK HERE.

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Northampton County

Violent crash kills 1, injures 3 others on Route 145 in Lehigh Township

November 09, 2014 at 9:23PM

Violent crash kills 1, injures 3 others on Route 145 in Lehigh Township

Just before 2:00PM, Lehigh Township Fire was dispatched to Route 145 in the area of Mulberry Lane for an auto extrication.

When the rescue company arrived, firefighters found a violent two car head-on crash on 145 between Mulberry and Willow. One patient still in the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. Rescue workers cut the roof and doors off one car to free the occupants.

EMS requested two medical helo's to fly. The rescue was complete in 20 minutes. Two more occupants were flown to area trauma centers while a third was transported by ambulance.

The road was closed for a few hours while Lehigh Township Police investigated the crash.

Photos by Nester Video Productions.

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City of Allentown

Elderly Female Killed After Cars Strikes Her At Popular Restaurant

August 17, 2014 at 8:35PM

Elderly Female Killed After Cars Strikes Her At Popular Restaurant

Around 18:30 hours Sunday evening, Allentown Fire Radio transmitted rescue box 2547 for 1725 Chew Street at the Ritz for an auto extrication. Arriving on location, Battalion 43 (Atiyeh) found a car against the restaurant wall with a body of an elderly female pinned between the car and building. A medic on the scene pronounced her D.O.A.

Additional medic units were requested for three additional patients who were all transported to Saint Lukes Allentown with minor injuries. Engine 9 remained on the scene while the battalion chief and the other equipment were released and returned to quarters.

The driver of the car, an elderly male, accidentally put the car in reverse instead of drive and backed into the building.

The accident is under investigation by the Allentown Police Department.

First four photos by Photographer Dennis Wetherhold Jr. and the bottom photo by Photographer Mike Nester of NVP.

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May 29, 2014 at 12:27AM

** Some people find this video offensive - Please, if you do not like to see mangled cars involved in a crash - DO NOT VIEW - LEAVE THIS SITE NOW! (No bodies are shown)

At 20:25, Whitehall Rescue 5, Squad 1 and Engine 11 were sent to Rt. 22 westbound just before the Fullerton Avenue interchange for an auto extrication.

Deputy Chief Shambo arrives and reports the driver is D.O.A.

Squad 1 arrives and stretches a hand line for safety due to a fuel spill. Rescue 5 arrives and positions along side of the squad.

Fire department members stood by while State Police investigated the accident. Rt. 22 was closed at Airport Road. The highway was closed for at least 5 hours.

The video starts before the arrival of the fire department. We show the trucks approaching the scene along with close up shots of the accident scene.

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Berks County


May 12, 2014 at 10:00PM

Greenwich, PA. — At 1:15 PM Monday, Berks County Station 46 and Lehigh County Stations 51 and 25 were dispatched to Interstate 78 eastbound mile marker 41.4 between Krumsville and the New Smithville exit for a crash with multiple cars, a tractor trailer and fire.

A total of 5 vehicles were involved with the tractor trailer. The Tractor trailer and at least 4 cars were burning when the fire department arrived. The highway was shut down in both directions while firefighters battled the fires and attended to victims.

A total of 3 people were killed in the aftermath. The interstate was closed past 23:00 hours while investigators worked the scene.

Video and photos by Mike Nester of NVP. You can see all of his photos here.

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City of Allentown


March 26, 2014 at 10:03PM

At 14:15 hours Wednesday, Engines 13, 6, 9, 14 (F.A.S.T.), Truck 2 and Battalion Chief 43 were sent on box 3342 for 56 Adams Island on a reported house fire. Battalion 43 could see heavy black smoke as they turned out on Chew Street in Center City.

Engine 13 arrives and signals a fully-involved 2-story dwelling with a report of people trapped. The report was a woman on the second floor in a closet. Firefighters stretched a hand line into operation while members went to the second floor to conduct a search for the female.

A second hand line was stretched to the rear of the dwelling for heavy fire on the exterior. The Battalion Chief ordered the hand lines protect the members on the second floor conducting the search.

As members frantically searched the second floor, 43 arrived and transmitted a second alarm and ordered all members out of the dwelling due to deteriorating conditions. Firefighters made one last attempt searching on the second floor before evacuating. The push paid off, the female was found and was brought down via a ground ladder to Paramedics. Despite the rescue, the female was pronounced dead at the scene.

Once all firefighters were evacuated and accounted for, Ladder 2 set up and used their elevated master stream to darken down the bulk of the fire. Portions of the dwelling collapsed.

Assigned to the second alarm was Engine 4 and Engine 10. Volunteer companies were sent to city firehouses to cover the city in case of another fire. Allentown Battalion 5 was placed in-service to cover calls in the city.

The Fire Marshal's office was on the scene investigating into the night looking for a cause of the fire.

One firefighter received minor burns and was transported to the hospital.

The above video and photos by Mike Nester and the video below is by Jay Wagner.

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Northampton County


February 18, 2014 at 2:13AM

Approximately 21:35 hours Monday night, Hanover Township Northampton County Fire was sent to 1930 Mark Twain Circle for a house fire with entrapment.

Command quickly upgraded the tactical box to a full 1st alarm bringing with it multiple fire companies from surrounding municipalities. Catasauqua Rescue 2 was the designated F.A.S.T. company.

First arriving members found a victim inside the dwelling but was D.O.A. Companies stretched multiple hand lines. The fire went defensive almost immediately. Hanover Tower Ladder 15-21 was put into service with its elevated master stream.

Companies remained on scene for over 4 hours dousing the flames. The Coroners office was on the scene. At the time of this writing, one person was confirmed dead and until firefighters can get in the fire building to do a thorough search, it will be unknown if other people were inside the home.

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