City of Allentown

Firefighters battle a small blaze in a vacant downtown building slated for demolition

April 12, 2015 at 4:19PM

Firefighters battle a small blaze in a vacant downtown building slated for demolition

At 13:22, Allentown transmitted box 2125 for 8th and Walnut Streets for a structural fire sending Engines 13, 4, 9, 6 (RIT), Truck 2, Battalion 43 and FM 45.

Engine 13 arrived first and reported smoke showing from a 3-story vacant building. Engine 9 stretched a hand line to the north side of the building and Engine 4 stretched a line from the south side of the building. Firefighters found a room involved in fire and used ground ladders to access the building. Due to the condition of the building, firefighters were ordered not to enter the building. There was evidence of squatters living in the building.

The Battalion Chief signaled a working fire and requested one additional Engine Company above the 1st alarm. Engine 14 was sent as the 5th due special-called Engine.

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Lehigh County

Route 309 closed in North Whitehall as firefighters battle 4-alarm house fire

April 12, 2015 at 1:52PM

At 20:15 hours Saturday night, North Whitehall firefighters responded to the area of Rt. 309 and Woodlea Road for a report of a house fire. Once on location, crews found a dwelling at 4519 Peters Avenue well-involved in the rear of the 2-story dwelling and struck the 2nd alarm.

Firefighters had a difficult time accessing the property and getting a water supply established. The front of the home actually faces Route 309. As heavy fire continues to burn the rear of the structure, command strikes the 3rd and 4th alarms to get more manpower and tankers to the scene.

Tower Ladder 16 (Neffs) comes down Peters Avenue to an adjoining driveway and positions the rig on the North side of the fire building. Once they get a water supply, the master stream is used from the bucket between the trees to darken down the bulk of the fire.

Interior crews stretch a hand line in the front door to the second floor and extinguish the remaining fire in the attic by pulling ceilings to access it.

Route 309 was closed for the duration of the fire. The fire is under investigation.

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City of Allentown

Firefighters Start Saturday Morning With 2 Fires and a Rescue

April 04, 2015 at 9:19AM

Firefighters Start Saturday Morning With 2 Fires and a Rescue

At 08:00, Box 4131 was transmitted for a structural fire at the Burger King at 1958 South 4th Street sending Engines 14, 11, 9, 6, Ladder 2, Battalion 43 and FM 45. Engine 14 arrives and reports light smoke from the roof of the 1-story restaurant and investigates. They find a fire in the hood vent and use extinguishers to put the fire out. The Battalion Chief instructs the Tower Ladder to set-up on the south side of the building and go to the roof to check for fire extension. Crews find a small fire on the roof and extinguish it.

Approximately 09:25, Box 2566 is transmitted for a structural fire at the Liberty Nursing Home located at 17th and Allen Streets sending Engines 10, 4, 6, 13, Ladder 2 and Battalion 43. Engine 10 arrives and investigates a report of a fire on the 3rd floor. The initial call came in by 9-1-1 from an employee of the facility and by now, bells are sounding and the sprinkler is activated while Engine 10 members make it to the third floor where they find a smoke condition. Battalion 43 reports water flowing from an air conditioner on the 3rd floor. Engine 10 gains entry to a room and discover a kitchen fire that is extinguished by the sprinkler. The patients are moved to a secure wing on the third floor protected by a fire door. Firefighters vent the structure. No injuries are reported.

While the Comm Center is transmitting box 2566, calls are coming in for an automobile accident with people trapped. Box 4255 is transmitted for Filbert and Susquehanna for an auto extrication sending Engines 14, 11 and 9. At this point, all companies in the city are being put to work. No further details on the wreck are available.

Photo by Mike Nester.

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City of Allentown

Firefighters cut one patient out of SUV that crashed into numerous cars on Tilghman Street

March 29, 2015 at 9:45PM

Early Sunday evening, Fire Dispatch transmitted a rescue box to the area of 3rd & Tilghman Streets for an auto extrication sending Engines 6, 9, Truck 2 and Battalion 43.

Engine 6 reports one patient heavily pinned in the SUV and orders the rescue companies to go in-service with their tools. The Battalion Chief special-called Engine 11 for additional rescue resources and manpower.

The patient was removed from the vehicle and transported to an area trauma center by the paramedics in critical condition. The accident is under investigation.

Video and photos by Mike Nester.

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City of Bethlehem

3 Alarm Factory Fire Rages Out-of-Control In Bethlehem, PA.

March 25, 2015 at 4:51PM

At 03:55 Bethlehem City 9-1-1 Center started receiving calls for smoke in the area of the 200 block of West Fairview Street sending Engines 6, 9, 5, Ladder 2 and Truck 2. As companies are investigating, Police report a haze in the area of Rt. 378 and another call reporting smoke on Rt. 378.

Truck 2 goes to the west side of Route 378 where the smoke is heavier. At 04:01, Bethlehem dispatchers send Engine 7 and Ladder 1 to 702 Main Street for the alarm system with a strange odor. 405 is reporting a large blanket of smoke in this part of the city and advises the alarm call is probably related.

The dispatch center checked with surrounding communities for fires. Chief 405 requested a wind check and the airport said winds were calm. All companies continue to investigate as of 04:05.

At 04:07 Engine 6 finds and reports a commercial building fire in the 1100 block of Mauch Chunk Road.

Truck 2 (405) goes on scene reporting smoke from the roof of a metal fabricating shop, a 2-story 100x400 building. At 4:12 he strikes the 2nd alarm as conditions rapidly deteriorate.

The 3rd alarm is struck sending the last engine available in the city, Engine 3, to the fire scene. Tower Ladder 2 positions in a parking lot on the "Bravo" side of the building. Ladder 1 is positioned in the street in front of the building. A hand line is stretched into the building but shortly after, 405 evacuates the building as fire conditions worsen.

Multiple ground monitors and aerial streams are in operation. Allentown's Ladder 2 is special-called to the fire scene as a 3rd ladder pipe is needed.

The fire burns out of control for several hours. The smoke drifted into the city of Allentown. By 09:00, the fire was darkened down.

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New Jersey

Fast moving blaze kills man in Phillipsburg, NJ house fire

March 01, 2015 at 12:40PM

A fast moving fire killed a man in his home at 286 Hudson Street in New Jersey. The fire was called in via 911 around 22:30 Saturday night. Firefighters were met with a large volume of fire on arrival. EMS was told to proceed to the scene as firefighters found 1 victim in the house.

Phillipsburg F.D. tower ladder was set-up in front of the building. Multiple hydrants in the neighborhood were used for a water supply. The fire is under investigation.

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